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Wave Batch - Utilizing Ship Today override with SO Line Level Promise Dates results in SO Allocations resetting to zero

When setting a date range for SO Line Level Promise Date, Orders falling outside the date selection but utilizing the Ship Today override select into the Batch properly, but when allocating, fill rate drops to 0% and no allocations are made

Sage 100 Version 2018.6, MB Version 60065
Sage 100 Version 2019.2, MB Version 610290
Sage 100 Version 2020.0, MB Version 62001

Problem : When Orders utilizing the Ship Today UDF override functionality are selected into a Wave Batch, the selection algorithm properly ignores that the Ship Date and Sales Order Line Promise Dates are outside the selection criteria. Order Fill Rate and Quantity to Allocate are properly analyzed and reported:

However, once selected to the Batch (moved to the left side of the screen) and an attempt to allocate, the Fill Rate and Quantity to allocate are reduced to 0:

Resolution : Hotfix ID 18481 : Scanco Support has resolved the issue described in this article.  Please reach out to with your company information, a copy of your installed modules listing (Library Master > Reports > Installed Modules Listing) and request HotFix 18481.