Warehouse 100 User Manuals

Warehouse 100: Bill of Materials



Scanco Support Email - support@scanco.com

Scanco Support Phone number - 330-645-9959 Opt. 3

Customers.Scanco.com Portal Setting

The Bill of Materials tab options:

Allow Bill of Materials Activities: Must be enabled.


Question: what is the scanner doing when I make entries in this program.

Answer: Allowing you to collect a Bill listed in Sage ‘Bill of Materials Maintenance’ and back-flash Components when possible and collect Components when required. End results in Sage is a Production Entry will exist in …. Sage ‘Production Entry’ shown on the right below. 


Accessing the Application

Press the‘ Advanced’ icon at the main applications screen to move to the Inventory applications screen.

Press the ‘BOM Assembly’ icon in the Advanced applications screen to begin the program.


Batch Prompt

Scan or Key in any valid Batch or use the ‘Next’ button to start a new batch.


Back: to move back to Main Applications screen.

Keys: for the on-screen keyboard.

Next: create the next batch number automatically.

Lookup: for seeing available Batches.

Enter press after keying in data at Batch# prompt.

Production Warehouse Prompt

Scan or Key in any Warehouse, or use the lookup button to select one from a list.