Configuring Terminal Server

Installing WOScan to a terminal server.

  1. To begin, follow the normal instructions for installing a client. Usually this involves running the installer from \\<SERVERNAME>\WOScan Program\Desktop.
  2. After running the installer, go into "C:\WOScan\WOScanWorkOrder.exe.config" and change the following line to True:

<add key="TerminalServices" value="true" />

If you have multiple, load-balanced terminal servers, also change this line to true:

<add key="Converter" value="true"/>


3.  If you only have a single terminal server, then the users can go ahead and license their clients, and you are done.


4.  If you have multiple, load-balanced terminal servers, this is a bit more involved. Have each user launch WOScan, and then close it.  When they open it, they will get a license prompt, but don’t type anything in, just close it.

5.  After they do that, you will see these folders being created: "C:\WOScan\<domain>\<username>".  Copy this file:  "C:\WOScan\Data\WOScanDB.sdf" into each of those user folders, replacing what is there.  This will set up each user with the correct settings.

6.  Then have the user open WOScan again, and license.