Here is the setup for the Intermec SR61BXR scanner to connect via Bluetooth to an iOS device:
Connection Procedure
The procedure described below is common to the SR61B Gen 2 line of scanners.

Make sure the scanner is in Factory Defaults configuration. The barcode below (also available in Easyset) will reset all parameters back to Factory Defaults:

Set the scanner for iOS operation:

Search for the scanner from the iOS device's Bluetooth control panel. To do so, browse to Settings | General | Bluetooth. If necessary, turn on Bluetooth and wait for iOS device to "discover" the scanner. 

When the scanner name shows up, tap on it and it will automatically connect, within seconds. This is indicated by the scanner status light turning solid blue and hearing the typical Intermec connection melody beep-beep-beep-beep.


Tips and Tricks for 
Operating the Scanner (Closing Apps and Re-enabling the iOS keyboard)

In order to instruct the scanner to close the current app scan the following barcode:
Result: app will close.

In order to instruct the scanner to re-enable the virtual iOS keyboard scan the following barcode:

Scan the above once: virtual keyboard will pop up, enabling manual entry.
Scan the above again: virtual keyboard will disappear, and so on (acts as a toggle function).
It is also possible to toggle the virtual keyboard on-and-off by simply pressing the trigger button 3 times within the same second (just like triple-click quickly the button on a computer mouse).  This is by far the most popular method. Just keep in mind to not aim at barcodes while doing this so as not to pick up unwanted data. In the event the "re-enable virtual keyboard by barcode" method is preferred over the triple-click method the barcode can be printed on a small sticker conveniently placed right on top of the frame of the iPad itself.