ConnectIt can handle all label printing without having to install SkyPrint (Print Director).  Faster printing, simple setup.



 - Scanco ConnectIt Version: or newer

 - All printers are added to the Sage MAS Server

 - Note:  If printers are in remote warehouses, the old way of having to use Print Director service in remote warehouse is still required!



 - Everything is 100% the same except for the WMS Configurator's "Print Director ID"

 - Create a new Print Director with "PrintDirectorID" called:  CONNECTIT-JANRA

 - Where the suffix, JANRA in this case, is the Portal Code.  Replace as appropriate.

 - Create label designs as normal using the new Print Director ID


Migrating Existing Customers:

 - Update the SQLCE table using Remote ConnectIt


 - [SQLCE] UPDATE WSPrintDirector SET PrintDirectorID = 'CONNECTIT-JANRA'

 - Stop, Disable the existing "Scanco Print Director" service.  Not required, but seriously, it polls often and needs to be shutdown.

 - (!) Users logged in on a scanner must logout/login with Warehouse User/Password to download the new PrintDirectorID that is stored in memory.