If you have any problems with your ConnectIt service since 7/10/18, please see below IMMEDIATELY.

You may need to either contact our support staff at support@scanco.com and have them provide a contact so that we can get on their server immediately, or apply the fix below at your discretion. We will need the server restarted after installing the Windows Update to get the service running again.


Who This Affects 

This can affect Windows Servers running the following OSes:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016


Rundown of the Issue 

Microsoft pushed a monthly rollup of Security updates on 7/10/18:

KB4338814 (for Windows Server 2016)

KB4338815 (for Windows Server 2012 R2)

KB4338818 (for Windows Server 2008 R2)

which caused the issue relating to our service getting stuck. The main issue caused by that update was the following: "When an administrator tries to stop the World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC), the W3SVC remains in a "stopping" state, but cannot fully stop or be restarted."

Resolution of the Issue

Fortunately, Windows has resolved the issue in a recent "Optional" (not forced) update in the next rollup release, which we will install for the client if they wish us to do so.  This update name is:

KB4345418 (for Windows Server 2016)

KB4338831 (for Windows Server 2012 R2)

KB4338821 (for Windows Server 2008 R2) 

After this install is complete, the server will need to be restarted. This will resolve the issue with our ConnectIt Web API service and any other Web API related services that may be running.

We can apply the fix, or you can have your IT team apply the fix at your discretion.