This manual covers the dashboard functions.

Please use these links for more information about: Assign Orders  and Messaging application

The video below shows the dashboard processes.


Setting: After install \ on first launch you will need to enter your "ConnectIt Service Address" into the screen below. You can also edit the setting before logging in by pressing the settings button on the login screen OR after login by going to the Top Menu > Edit > Settings.

ConnectIt Service Address Section:

The first prompt on the left needs to be the IP Address for the server where Scanco ConnectIt Service is installed. This is either your Sage server IP Address or your SQL server IP Address. If you do not know the correct server IP Address, please check with your Scanco Technical Support Representative. 

The second prompt on the right needs to be set to the port that the Scanco ConnectIt Service is listening on. The port is most likely 50000.

Enable Auto Refresh Section: 

Enabling the checkbox option will refresh the data displayed for the Tab + View you have displayed in the dashboard screen. 

Whatever numeric value is entered into the (minutes) prompt is how you control how often the data on the dashboard automatically refreshes.

Days History prompt: Whatever numeric value is entered into the "Days History" prompt is how you control how far back into the past the data goes for the "History" views will on the dashboard.

Auto Launch Messaging checkbox: Enable this option to have the Messaging application start automatically when you launch the dashboard.

Enable SO Metrics checkbox: Enabling this option will add a button at the top of the dashboard that when pressed shows the valuable information about the status of Sales Order processing.

Enable PO Metrics checkbox: Enabling this option will add a button at the top of the dashboard that when pressed shows the valuable information about the status of Purchase Order processing.

Disallow update checkbox: Enabling this option will remove the 'Checking for updates' process which is only recommended if you do not wish to get updated versions of the dashboard automatically. Please note that your Scanco Technical Support Representative will advise you to enable this option if you have an issue that can be resolved by installing updated version of th dashboard.


Dashboard Tabs and Views: Each tab will display information, most tabs display information about what the scanner users are doing or have done. Example: The picture below shows the Shipping tab 'in Process' view which display all the items that have been collected by all users in the Scanco Invoicing, Shipping and Directed Shipping applications. Tabs like 'Purchase Orders' show all the open Purchase Orders in you Sage system and the 'Receipts' tab will show all the open Receipts in you Sage system.


PO \ SO Status buttons

When pressed you will receive the screen below, press "<BACK" button to return to the dashboard display.


Filters: at the bottom of the dashboard screen you can add one or multiple filters to display the exact information you need displayed. Two remove filters you will need to click on the Red X next to the filter. These filters are save on each tab so you can build filters for different task and move from tab to tab.

Example: below I have create two filters that will show all records for User 111 and since I set the filter to "OR Sales Order" we also all records for all users for Sales Order 0000001. If you change the filter to "AND Sales Order" the display will only show records for User 111 and Sales Order 0000001.


Charts: The "View" menu at the top of the dashboard has option to enable charts. If you have the charts enabled you will see the chart at the bottom of the dashboard screen. The chart on the left shows the total amount of items each user has in process. The chart on the right compares the amount of items.


Messaging: The "View" menu at the top of the dashboard has option to start the 'Messenger' application.


Assign Orders: The "Assign Orders" button at the top of the dashboard will start the 'Order Assignments' application.