DashPrint: Box labels \ incrementing numbers

DashPrint can print Box labels with incrementing numbers.

This is the way it works.
If the customer wants Box X of Y on the label for EACH ITEM [explained in "example"  below], then use these subs.
$BOX$ = incrementing number.
$BOX_TOTAL$ = Equal to the number of labels being printed.
Place them on the label like this:
Box# $BOX$ of $BOX_TOTAL$
NEXT, during printing
Below you can see the "Number of LABELS" has been changed to "Number of BOXES".


(Added LJT, 09/20/20).  no SUBs needed (no creation of SUBs), just make the field using "Add Object" then manually type - 

on a label and the default print window shown below automatically changes to above "Number of Boxes:"

Note - the printed method CANNOT be set to "1" else -

but if you prompt and print 1 then -

The ITEM that you are printing boxes for is shown below the Number of BOXES prompt.
IMPORTANT: if multiple items are printed the box numbers start at 1 for every item.
FIRST Item 6655, quantity to print 4
Label 1 has Item 6655, 1 of 4
Label 2 has Item 6655, 2 of 4
Label 3 has Item 6655 ,3 of 4
Label 4 has  Item 6655 ,4 of 4
SECOND Item 1001-HON-H252, quantity to print 2
Label 1 has Item 1001-HON-H252, 1 of 2
Label 2 has Item 1001-HON-H252, 2 of 2

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: if $BOX_TOTAL$ is NOT included then this programming will NOT work.

Author: Keith R. Cseak