This programming was created because pressing "Print All" was creating labels faster than a Zebra printer could print them.

Go into>


Printer Delay Options section: When the pause is set to 0 the user will see...


exactly what is shown on the screen below. This is explained in more detail below.


When the "Pause" is set to greater than 0 AND you have adjusted the second drop-down option for "how many labels will be printed before the pause takes place", and you have PRESSED SAVE, then...


The "Print Delay Options" [below] are on the "Print Labels" screen. This allows for 'fine-tuning' the settings during printing. "Print All" is the key here, not pressing "Print All" does not leverage these settings.

Once the user has found the best set of settings they should update the settings screen [and press SAVE] so they do not need to keep changing them on this screen. 


The delay is shown to the user during printing.



These settings


will give you [below] result every 5 seconds.



If your settings are


and the printer cannot keep up you will see more than 10 labels stacked in the queue. You should suggest setting the "number of labels" lower.