Press CTRL+SHIFT+L on the keyboard to get to the Editor.

Yes, that is right, you can print data from any TABLE that ConnectIt can talk to including all PVX, and Compact SQL or SQL tables.

CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT have access to the statement editor. If they do have access and they 'mess up' the statements, rename their tabs and press the "Create Samples" button to recreate all the stock statements.


That is huge! Seriously, you can hook up 3 or 4 tables and print any of the data in those tables. There are tons of Statements at the bottom of this article that I wrote and included in the installer that you can edit to make more Views as needed. One important thing to note, the first three fields in the grid are locked on the screen and all fields to the right can be viewed with the scroll bar at the bottom of the grid.


You can build automatic filtering into statements, like 
To filter out /ITEMS you would include Where CI_Item.Valuation <> ''
To remove items already received PO_PurchaseOrderDetail.QuantityReceived  <> PO_PurchaseOrderDetail.QuantityOrdered
To remove zero QOH IM404_ItemLocationQuantity.QuantityOnHand  > 0
To remove all pallets IM404_ItemLocationQuantity.PalletID IS NULL
You get the idea!


Tab Designer section: Add tabs, remove tabs, move tabs up and down, this is all the same as the Dash editor. Creating a Tab called "HIDDEN" will allow you to hide all tabs listed below the "HIDDEN" Tab, just like the dash does today.



View Designer section: Name the View, move the View, Delete the View.

Label Qty Column has to be a column in the statement.

Number of Decimal places can be different on each View.

Default Print qty can be different on each View.

HUGE: TEST BUTTON will run your statement and bring back data...or not if your statement does not work. Test results are shown in the red box below.