Requires app version 1.1512280 or newer

Open Settings

Turn on 'Enable Order Logging'



After enabling the logging, anytime the user makes a change to an order, we capture a snapshot to the log file.  Because the order is captured several times during the process of working on an order, the order will appear in the log multiple times.



The most recent time the snapshot was collected will be at the top of the list.

At the bottom of the Settings screen, there are several options for the log file:


You may not have the ‘Email Order Log’ option yet.  This will be available in the next release.  If you do not have the option, please do not select the ‘Show Order Log’ until after you have opened and saved at least one order as there is a known issue that will close the application with an empty log file in that version.


When you select ‘Show Order Log’, you will see a list very similar to the list of orders when list available on the device. 


Selecting an entry from the list will open a read-only view of that snapshot.  This snapshot may be very incomplete if it was not the most recent copy of the order.  The most recent is always at the top of the list.  The list will only hold so many snapshots, so they will disappear with time off the bottom as new ones are added.  You should see ‘== FROM LOG FILE == at the top of each section to remind you that this is not an actual order.



It is possible to re-create a missing order from a snapshot by pressing the ‘Redo’ option in the navigation bar.  Beware, this will cause undesirable effects on existing orders.  Use this option only as a last resort.


Selecting the ‘Upload Log to Server’ will zip up the log file and place on your ConnectIt server in the C:\ProgramData\Scanco\Logs folder named as 

If the ‘Email Order Log’ option is available, an email will be created with the log file attached and automatically address to


Selecting ‘Delete Order Log’ may be necessary to clean up a broken partial log file that will not display in the list properly, or clean up storage space.