MAS to WOScan Syncing

The “WOScan Sync Timer” service on the server handles the Pulling of data from MAS into WOScan at regular intervals, as set in WOScan > Settings > Auto-sync Tables > Server Configs.

  • If “Interval Type” is set to Hour, it will always sync once every hour.  Otherwise, set it to “Time”, then enter the number of minutes in “Interval Option”.  We suggest going no less than 15 minutes at first.  Leave “Time Between Syncs” at 5.
  • Note:  After making changes on this screen, the “WOScan Sync Timer” service on the server will need to be restarted before they take effect.

Every Hour:


Every 20 minutes:

If the “WOScan Sync Timer” service isn’t running, data can be manually pulled by opening a WOScan client and clicking the little green icon in bottom right corner.  (Default password:  123)

Direct Connect clients (in general, desktops) will then see that new data right away.

Sync Mode clients (Windows Mobile Devices, and some older desktop clients) then individually sync with the WOScan database.  Please note the different ways to sync:

  • When you first launch WOScan, it begins an auto-sync behind the scenes. Eventually it will come back with a message saying success or fail.
  • After that the auto-sync runs at regular intervals as set in WOScan > Settings > General > Pull Sleep time (format: hh:mm:ss)
  • Manual Syncing: big green icon in the center of the screen.


WOScan to MAS Syncing

Sync Mode clients need to push their collected data to the WOScan database.  This is performed using the SyncServices web service on the server.

Direct Connect clients store their data right in the database.

From here there are different options:

  • ­   Data is then ready to be imported into MAS (older versions).
  • ­   Data gets manually reviewed and processed before sending to MAS.
  • ­   Data is auto-processed and sent to MAS.

Then import data into MAS by running WOScan Sync in the MAS Work Order Module.

In Work Order Transaction Entry, post the batch (or delete if testing).