How to Find UDID on iPhone or iPad without iTunes?

Without iTunes, you have also another way to find your UDID of iPhone or iPad, which is to take advantage of online UDID finder website to search for UDID. The following part will show you how to find out UDID without iTunes.

Step 1. Open the browser like Safari on your iPhone, iPad, and visit ( where you can see the "Tap to find UDID" option.

visit udidio to find udid of ios device

Step 2. Tap the "Tap to find UDID" option, then you will be asked to install the "Get Your UDID" plugin.

install plugin to get your iphone udid

Step 3. After installing the plugin, you will get your UDID of your device in the site. Here you can also tap "Send UDID via E-mail" to export and save the UDID of your iOS device.

how to find udid without itunes


The profile is from Apple, so it should be safe.