Printing Bar Codes on Graphical Forms and Crystal Reports. How to use Azalea bar code fonts in Crystal Reports and graphical forms.

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Printing Bar Codes on Graphical Forms and Crystal Reports. How to use Azalea bar code fonts in Crystal Reports. Wingding characters appear on graphical forms when barcodes are enabled.

Possible Resolution:
  If the Section with the BarCode field (usually 'Code 128 item number' formula in one of the 'Details' sections) is not suppressed, and the Azalea font is not selected, Wingding fonts will print instead. Wingdings are selected for the field by default in the form.

Azalea Software, Inc can be contacted through the Azalea Web site.

UFL= User Function Library. It represents a special .DLL used as a function within the Crystal Reports Formula Editor

  1. Purchase and install the bar code fonts from Azalea.
  2. Download Crystal Reports UFL file from the Azalea Web site. The UFL for Crystal Reports 8  will also work for Crystal Reports for Sage Software 7.0.
  3. Unzip the download file and place BARCODE.DLL in the local system directory (c:\windows\system or \winnt\system32).  The U2LBCODE.DLL gets placed in the local crystal directory (C:\windows\crystal or \winnt\crystal).
  4. In the Crystal Reports form replace any use of the 'StringToCode128B()' function with the 'BarcodeC128B()' function which will be listed under Additional Functions in the Formula Editor. For Code 39 format use the 'BarcodeC39()' function. All forms that use the 'StringToCode128B' functions have a "Details b" suppressed section for printing bar codes. The 'StringToCode128B' functions are based on the UFL for Bear Rock Technology bar code fonts.
  5. If the barcode is to be used on a Sales Order module graphical form, the Data Identifier must be included in the formula.  Here is an example of the formula being used on the Picking Sheet:  
    BarcodeC128b ("F"+ trim({SO_24CRWPickingSheet.LineIndex})


  • Code 39 offers only a limited set of characters. For use of extended characters, Code 128 is recommended. For example, if your item number contains a space in it, the number zero will be scanned in instead. If a slash is used, a zero is printed (and scanned) after the slash is printed.
  • If "wingdings" are still printing on the form but the setup seems to be okay, try previewing the form and then printing from preview.