When you copy a non-bin (or even non-setup/mb disabled) company it copies everything, overwriting the original company.  Sage cannot ignore certain files so a backup is needed of multi-bin options, warehouse settings, bin locations, and primary locations. A re-initialization to bin locations will need to be performed to get the quantity in bin locations. Keep in mind there are certain limitations with refreshing the company data for example we cannot keep things like ItemLocationQuantity, because the quantities are being updated in the copy. The steps to complete the process are outlined in the example below: 


Example: TST is my Sage test company copy with Multi-bin installed and activated. ABX is my Live company with Multi-Bin installed but deactivated.


1. Backup the following files from your Test company:

  • IM404_multibinoptions.m4T
  • IM404_ItemLocation.M4T
  • IM404_BinLocation.m4T
  • IM404_WhseProdLine.m4T

2. Refresh Company Data - this is done by using Sage Company Maintenance to copy the live company data over to the test company data.

ie: Copy ABX (live) company data to TST (test) company data. 



3. Post any open records in the test company. This includes Inventory Transactions, Sales Order Invoicing, Purchase Order Receipt of Goods, Bill of Materials Productions, Work Order Transactions.


4. Turn MB back on in the test company (if the source company is not enabled).

Navigate to Sage Inventory Management > Setup > Scanco Multi-bin Warehouse Management Options, this will launch the Setup Wizard. Click Yes to start the wizard, then click Next all the way through. This will set in the new item quantities based on the new data, then the true options will be copied in in step 6


5. Prepare Data - prepares files for use in one or all companies. It will not erase existing data. It should be run after upgrades and it must be run when there are no users on the system.


Navigate to Sage Library Master > Setup > ACS Group Product Management > Select Prepare Data


6. Copy multi-bin files back into the test company- copy the IM404_ files from the backup location to MAS90/MAS_TST/IMTST, and select "Replace Files" on the Windows prompt."