1. The option to auto assign primary locations must be set in Multi-Bin Company Wide Options mceclip1.png
  2. Bin Locations (Pick Type) which are eligible to become an Item's Primary must be marked as Primary in Bin Location Maintenance.  mceclip2.png
  3. When transactions are completed that result in an item landing in a bin location marked as primary (but that aren't set as primary for that item yet), the system will update the first available Primary Location in the Item's Bin Location Setup.
    Before Transfer:
    Complete Transfer to A20M

    3a - If using Min/Max settings, the system will use the following hierarchy for setting the min/max on the new bin location as it is added
            i - Region's Default Min/Max from Region Code Setup.
            ii - If no Region Min/Max is found, it will look for the min/max from another, pre-existing Primary for the item.
          iii - If no pre-existing Primary has Min/Max Setting, it will pull from the setting in Bin Location  Maintenance. 

4 - When a transaction depletes the item from a location marked as primary, that primary is deleted from the list upon update.