Please Note: With OVER SHIPMENTS enabled, you are allowing your SAGE Sales Orders to ship with MORE Quantity on your lines than the Sales Order has.


Turning On Over Shipments in SAGE
  • Log in to SAGE and select the company you would like Over shipments allowed in.
  • Navigate to Modules
  • Navigate to Sales Order module
  • Within the Sales Order module, select the Setup submodule.
  • Within Setup, select Shipping Setup Options
  • On the "Entry" tab (also known as Shipping Data Entry), you will need to select "Allow Overshipment
  • Press "Accept".


Turning On Over Shipments in Scanco's Portal
  • Login to the Scanco Portal
  • Click on "Warehouse Profiles"
  • Find the Warehouse Profile you would like to adjust.
  • Select 'Edit' for that Profile.
  • Go the to the "SO Shipping" tab.
  • Checkmark the box that states "Allow Over Shipments".
  • Press "Save" at the bottom of the screen.


That's all you'll need to do to enable this function in the Scanco app. Please be careful with your sales orders with options such as these enabled.