Multi-Bin: 7 Ways to Unallocate Inventory

1. Clear all lines in the sales order from the hyperlink on the sales order header. The link is enabled only if allocations exist on the order:


2. Most control – select desired inventory in the inventory dashboard, Click the Alloc button and the Delete button:


3. For Individual items – in Item Maintenance, select the sales order on the Orders Tab and click the Delete. It picks up if the pick sheet has been printed and will offer to reprint the pick sheet afterwards:


4. For any selected sales orders or you can clear all sales order allocations in Sales Order Picking Sheet printing. If you click the hyperlink with selecting any orders the system will warn you that you will clear all sales order allocations. The system will stay away from your orders in Invoicing:


5. Select the Grid button in Sales Order Lines panel to delete and override the quantity allocated:


6. Stage Sales Orders from the sales order main menu allows you to quick pick and stage inventory from an order. Action choices can be selected on the lines to unallocate inventory before transferring:


7. For users that have purchased the Multi-Bin Wave Batch Functionality, in Wave Batch Selection you can unallocate inventory as you remove an order from the batch: