Please Review the before Installing:

  • Any other modifications present? See the installed product listing report. Most extended solutions and other enhancements will work fine but some require unique installation or programming. Please contact us or your reseller before
  • For Upgrades - Create a back-up copy of your live Sage 100 ERP system so that you can run the Sage pre- migration utilities without affecting live Quantity on Hand
  • Verify the proper Version and that Product Update is current. If you need to update your Product Update --install that before this software.
  • Ensure that all transactions are updated including: Inventory Transactions, Sales Order Invoicing, Purchase Order Receipt of Goods, Bill of Materials Productions, Work Order Transactions

Working Copy

Due to the fact that the standard Sage migration utilities change quantity on hand information, we highly recommend that the following steps be taken to create and setup a Working Area to proceed with a clean upgrade.

  1. Ensure that all transactions are updated, including: Inventory Transactions, Sales Order Invoices, Purchase Order Receipts, Bill of Materials Productions and Work Order
  2. All users should exit the system. Copy the current SAGE 100 ERP Live system to another directory. We will refer to this as the "Working "
  3. Install the Multi-Bin WMS Uninstall program to the Working Copy. Click to Download. To run, select Multi-Bin Uninstall from the Library Master > Utilities Menu. This will NOT uninstall Multi-Bin data.

Version 5.00

  1. Install Sage 100 ERP Version 5.00 to a new area as Sage requires. Download and Install the appropriate Sage Product
  2. Run the SAGE 100 ERP Pre-migration and data migration utilities. Be sure to select the data from your Working copy area (from step 2) and NOT your live
  3. Install Multi-Bin version 5.00 from the link provided. Select the path ABOVE the MAS90 directory. Disable any modules that you do not currently own (RA, BM, WO, )
  4. Copy the license text file to the mas90\ACS_Group directory. If upgrading, you may ftp download license
  5. Software Activation. Select Library Master > Setup > ACS Group Product Registration. Click the Activation button. It will activate license files copied to the MAS90\ACS_Group directory and offer a ftp download of the license
  6. Run the conversion for Company
  7. Re-enable Multi-Bin for the appropriate companies. I/M Setup > Multi-Bin Options > Click Enable Multi- Bin for this

Additional Items

  1. If the pre-migration utilities changed the Quantity on Hand information, be sure to use the Multi-Bin utilities to recalculate allocations and reconcile Multi-Bin quantities on hand. IM Utilities > Multi-Bin Recalculate Quantity Allocated and Multi-Bin Inventory Reconciliations.
  2. If there are customized screen changes, run Custom Office > Utilities > Update Forms to Current Level. If there are User Field changes in IM, PO, BM or WO - Update the ODBC fields in Custom Office> User Defined Fields Maintenance.
  3. Create new Pick Sheet Forms for Sales Order, Bill of Materials, and Work Order by creating a new form code and selecting the Multi-Bin Pick Sheet form. 
  4. Review the new Multi-Bin options for printing, data entry, and auto-allocations.


    (*E) Feature for Add-on for Expiration Date and Vendor Lot Traceability

    (*P) Feature for Add-on for License Plating - Case Packs, Pallets, and Containers

    (*W) Feature for Add-on for Wave Batch Picking