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Inventory Transaction Adjustments for Serialized Goods does not display on screen relaunch

When trying to access valid serialized distribution records after exiting the Transaction Entry screen, the distribution information is not displayed.

Sage 100 Version 2019.2, Multi-Bin Build 610290

Problem : After creating an Inventory Transactions Adjustment for a Serialized Item and fully distributing the Serial Number and Bin Location.  Exiting the Inventory Transaction screen causes the data file records to update properly with Serial Number and Bin Location information, however, when reaccessing the transaction (prior to update) the information is NOT properly redisplayed in the Multi-Bin Distribution Screen.



Expected Behavior : Because the Tier Distribution Date file contains the proper information, the distribution screen should properly display the information from the file.

Resolution : Hotfix ID 18004 : Scanco Support has resolved the issue described in this article.  Please reach out to with your company information, a copy of your installed modules listing (Library Master > Reports > Installed Modules Listing) and request HotFix 18004.