License Key


  • This screen comes up on first install to register.  You must enter all information on initial registration of the device.  You can come in after the fact to re-register or change the name of the device.
    • Device Identifier – If you need to re-register JOScan, you will need to supply this ID and the Device Name to Scanco support at 
    • License Key – Supplied by Scanco. Key will change depending on registered options.
    • Admin Password – This password is for entering setup screens or exiting the program. Default is 147.
    • Device Name – This will be the machine name by default. The device name can be no longer then 7 characters long. It can be changed depending on how you want transactions labeled in MAS. You will also need to send this when you request a new license.
Update Service URL


  • This url "http://localhost:7777/UpdateService.svc"must be running through IIS to work properly. 
    • To test if working try running link in browser and you will be prompted "You have created a service".


When you first run JOSCAN, you will be prompted with the License Key screen.

 *** The default values for License Key AND Device Name will need to be changed.

  •  Decide what you want to call this station (Device Name)
    • it can be whatever you want it to be
    • it doesn't need to be the name of the computer, but it can be
    • this is a reference so you know which station transactions originated from
    • JOScan may not work correctly if more than one station has the same Device Name
  • Send us:
    • the Device Identifier - displayed on the screen when you first run JOScan
    • (we need the Device Identifier to generate the License Key)
    • and the Device Name that you are going to give it
    • (we keep the Device Name for our records)
  • Enter the License Key that we send back you, and the Device Name, and click "Accept"