Label Matrix License Swap Instructions

    License Swap Instructions

    In order to remove a license which is currently activated and replace it with a new license, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure all open instances of the application are closed.
    2. Click on Start -> All Programs -> Teklynx -> [Program Name] -> Upgrade Manager


    -Note- For some versions the application may be entitled Upgrade Wizard.  If you cannot find the Upgrade Manager/Wizard in this location, look in Start -> All Programs -> Teklynx -> Upgrade Manager.


    3.  Once the Upgrade Manager is open, click on the Transfer software license option. A message will appear stating that you’ll no longer be able to use your software on this machine.  Click OK.


    -Note- If the computer is connected to the internet then the license will automatically be disabled. 

    If this is the case please skip to step 5.


    4.  If an internet connection cannot be established from the computer a number of optional deactivation methods will appear in the Wizard. Please choose the method that is easiest for you and follow the instructions to deactivate the license.

    5.  Now that the license is deactivated, if you launch the software again you will be granted access to the Activation Wizard. Choose Activate then follow the steps on screen to walk through the wizard.  When prompted for a Serial Number and Password, enter those received from your recent purchase of a new license.