Labels Do Not Print:  NextKey Value Too High 

LX will start to fail when the NextKey value gets too high ~25,000 or higher.  To solve, edit the tciSurrogateKey table and set the values of both tlxPrintRequest and tlxPrintParam to a value of 1, then restart the LX Print Service.  


Incorrect Credentials in .Config

LX will not call Label Matrix (lmw.exe, lmwprint.exe) if the saved credentials are incorrect.  To verify the problem enable verbose logging in the \Program Files (x86)\Scanco\LabelXpert.exe.config.  The output will be in the same folder with a .log file extension.

To solve, download the password encryption utility:


Run the utility, type password and click Encrypt.  


Stop the LX Service, edit the .config file and update the username, domain, and password properties with updated values.  File/Save and restart the service.


General Troubleshooting Tips

1. Check what printing method is set in config. We need to know if it's  OSVersionDependent (we assume that it is)
2. We need LX print log (on print service) - logging level should be set to verbose 
3. Check in Even viewer if Session is getting created for ggg\administrator login. Check log for exceptions - there might be some exception that doesn't allow to start process by that user or something.   

If login failed - then either password is wrong or computer is not in domain 
If you want to try using local admin user try to configure '.' instead of domain name in config 

- LMW.EXE can't be started if there is RDP connection session is established to that computer.  
- There is a possibility that printer that you're trying to reach is available for ggg\administrator user.  

- Case1.  Printing Method in config file can be changed to "Simple" --> It will start this LMW.EXE in current context - this is not allowing to configure labels 
- Case2. Start service not as Windows Service but as Windows Forms (make sure Printing method is set to "simple" ) - would require Sergey to compile LabelExpert as win forms (would need to know LM version)