1. If your single-user license subscription has lapsed but you purchased a renewal, you will need to deactivate your software and then reactivate it.
  2. To deactivate your software, click on the Windows Start Menu, then All Programs (or scroll down the app list on Windows 10), and find the folder for your product (ex. CODESOFT 2019, LABELVIEW 2019, LABEL MATRIX 2019). Expand the folder, and choose the License Manager option.
  3. In the License Manager, choose the Deactivate option.
  4. After you click Deactivate, you will be warned that you will be unable to use the software. Click OK.
  5. It will then confirm that you have been successfully deactivated. Click Finish, and then the window will close. Reopen the License Manager from the Start Menu.
  6. Activate your software as you normally would by entering your serial number (starting with a capital N or F, as in F123456) and your password. After clicking Next, confirm your company information and make any necessary changes, then click Next again and Finish.