License Key


This screen comes up on first install to register.  You must enter all information on initial registration of the device.  You can come in after the fact to re-register or change the name of the device.

  • Device Identifier – If you need to re-register WOScan, you will need to supply this ID and the Device Name to Scanco support at 
  • License Key – Supplied by Scanco. Key will change depending on registered options.
  • Admin Password – This password is for entering setup screens or exiting the program. Default is 147.
  • Device Name – This will be the machine name by default. The device name can be no longer then 7 characters long. It can be changed depending on how you want transactions labeled in MAS. You will also need to send this when you request a new license.


Multiple Location Settings

  • Scanco will adjust these settings as needed.
  • The following information is for multiple locations. 
  • It allows the multiple people in review to process each location at the same time and auto filters everything in lookup.