Scanner Sled: Linea Pro


    To remove check digits from being displayed, such as 'A' and 'B' near the start and end of a barcode scan:

    1)  Download app:  IPCSupport from the AppStore.  
    2)  Open IPCSupport and scan the configuration barcode attached to this message.

    Result:  The pop-up should show an Unknown barcode type. (This is normal.  It's a configuration scan only).

    Now scan your Serial# (CODABAR) barcodes and see if the A and B characters are still there or has been removed.


    To Correct a Scan Engine Issue:

    - At iOS Home Screen select the Scanco Cloud App

    - Below the Launch Button look for a Settings Button

    - Click Settings and Look for LineaPro Settings

    - Click LineaPro Settings

    - There should be an option to reset the scan engine.  If not, click advanced settings and it will be displayed

    - Click Reset Scan Engine and you will see a “Successful” pop-up

    - Back-out and Launch/Login to software


    To Correct any charging issues:

    - Please take Top off of Scanner and take out iPod.

    - Place iPod back in Scanner (make sure it is fully seated) and re-attach Top

    - When Charging, make sure Scanner is fully seated in base.  If using via charging cable, please make sure it is properly attached. 


    Tips for preserving iOS Battery Life:

    - Lower the Brightness of the Screen

    - Set the timeout for about 5 min

    - Turn-off Airplay and Bluetooth

    - Turn-off Auto update for Apps

    - Turn-off location settings/awareness

    - Always charge Device at Night