There are many common options and functions throughout Manufacturing 100. This section describes the basics of working in the application.  


The Prompts: 

You will see a flashing cursor in the prompt when that prompt is ready to accept data. You can scan a barcode to complete the entry and move to the next prompt. You can use the on-screen keyboard to enter data and press Enter to move to the next prompt.

If you need to move back to a previous prompt, simply touch the field to reopen the prompt.


Common Buttons:
  • Touch the mceclip0.png button in the upper left corner to exit the current application.
  • Touch the  mceclip1.png button to proceed to the next prompt.
  • Touch the  mceclip2.png at the main icons to return to the login screen.
  • Touch the  mceclip3.png to exit lookup screens
  • Touch the  mceclip6.png to enter the Lookup screen.
  • Touch the mceclip7.png to enable label printing. Printing requires Scanco SkyPrint.
  • Touch the mceclip8.png to post your collected data to into Sage.
Using the Mobile Keyboard:


You can type directly into a field using the mobile keyboard.



Using the Lookups:

Most prompts include a "Lookup" button, when available you can touch the Lookup button to move to the Lookup screen. For more information about Lookups, please Click Here.

If you press the lookup button when the prompt is empty you will see all information that can be displayed for that prompt.

IMG_0189__225x400_.png IMG_0153__225x400_.png

If you key in part of the information for what you want to see in the lookup and then press the lookup button, the programming will filter out everything except the records that match the data you entered into the prompt before you pressed the lookup button.

IMG_0210__225x400_.png IMG_0211__225x400_.png

Some of the Lookup screens include a "Search" prompt where you can




Sending Transactions:

For any parts issued (including make-to-stock) or labor entries, you must send all transactions to Sage 100. If your system is set up to automatically send transactions, this will occur when the import function is running in Sage.

You can manually send or submit batch transactions when the Send or Submit button is available on a screen, such as shown here:



You will receive a message to confirm your actions, press Yes to continue or No to cancel. If the submission was successful, a message appears confirming the data was sent to Sage.

IMG_0212__225x400_.png IMG_0213__225x400_.png