Green + connected: the device is ready to log in. move to the next section.


Red = unauthorized: the device is not licensed. Please either maintain your licenses in the Scanco web portal under the "Devices" tab or contact Scanco support by emailing, you will need to include the Device ID shown under the Gear Icon.

Disconnected: The device cannot communicate with the Scanco ConnectIt service on your Sage server. The issue is networking and your first step is to reboot your device and make sure you are connected to your Wifi network and try again. If that does not solve the issue you will need to check with your network administrator before contacting IMG_0186__225x400_.png
At the "User ID" prompt you can scan a barcode for your user ID OR key in your user ID with the On-screen Keyboard.
IMG_0160__225x400_.png IMG_0161__225x400_.png IMG_0164__225x400_.jpg
At the "Password" prompt you can scan a barcode for your Password OR key in your Password with the On-screen Keyboard.
IMG_0165__225x400_.png IMG_0166__225x400_.png IMG_0175__225x400_.png

Regarding the Company prompt shown below:

If your user profile only includes one Company, you will not see this company prompt. 

If your user profile includes more than one Company, your Users "Default Company" will pre-fill into the "Company" prompt and you can press Enter to move forward or you can scan a barcode for your Company OR key in your Company with the On-screen Keyboard or use the Lookup to select the company.

IMG_0170__225x400_.png IMG_0171__225x400_.png IMG_0172__225x400_.png