Manufacturing 100: Time Entry for Production Management

The "Time Card Entry" program efficiently creates accurate Labor entries in Sage 100 using a mobile device connected to a wireless network from the Workshop floor without requiring a Sage license.

Time Card Entry Options.

Data Collection Process.

How the data gets into Labor Entry

Time Card Options

Allow Time Card Activities: This option must be enabled before you can use the Time Entry application on the devices.

Auto Send: When the “Auto-send” option is enabled, the data collected is sent to Sage after each "Track Out" entry.

Enable Send button: When the “Auto-Send” option is disabled and the Send button is enabled, the user must press the Send button and then confirm the data can be imported into Sage.

Allow Review: The Review button can be enabled \ disabled. When enabled, touching the Review button will display a list of previously collected records.  


Data collection process

Touch the "Time Entry" icon to enter the application.

Employee prompt: Scan your badge’s barcode, key in your employee ID or lookup your employee ID. 


The Employee number in Sage contains a hyphen.

On the devices, the entry can contain the hyphen,

or the entry can be made without the hyphen.

Choose an Employee from the lookup by touching the record on the lookup screen.      

The "Start Time" field will display the current Date \ Time and the user will press the "Track In" button to create a Time Entry record. The program will return to the Employee prompt.


If the user has created a "Track In" Time Entry record, the next time they enter their Employee number the "End Time" field will display the current Date \ Time and the user will press the "Track Out" button to complete the Time Entry record.


If the Review button is enabled, touching the Review button will display a list of previously collected records. Choosing a record from the list will display the details about that record.

This record shows the Employee has not Tracked out.


This record shows the Employee has Tracked out but did not send the data to be imported.


The menu has the "Delete Record" button. When pressed the record on the screen will be deleted.


When the "Send" button is enabled and pressed, the user MUST press the "Send" button to submit the collected data. After pressing Send the user must confirm they want to submit the data they have collected. After the send is complete the Success message will be displayed and the user can press OK or Results. 


If the Results show the Sage Import is not running, please start the Import.   


How the data gets into Labor Entry:

In Sage, under the "Production Management" module, in the "Mobility" folder, you will need to run the

"Manufacturing EZ Import"

Once the Manufacturing EZ Import is running, press the "Proceed" button.

Data will be imported as it is sent from mobile devices. Any data collected while the Manufacturing EZ Import was not running will be imported as soon as you press the Proceed button.

After importing data you will find the Labor entry with all the data that was collected on the mobile device in Sage's Labor Entry. The Labor entry can be reviewed before running your Labor Register/Update.



Author: Keith R. Cseak

End of document, thank you for your time.