Problem : After MB upgrade to Version 2019, the system continues to prompt users to complete the Multi-Bin Data Conversion even though it has already been completed.


Version : Present in 2019.2 Builds 4 and below (61024, 61023)


There are two places to review to see what is triggering this message.


  1. Navigate to Library Master > Utilities > Data File Display and Maintenance
  2. Click OK at the warning prompt
  3. In the File Name Field type IM_140MB_MultiBinOptions.
  4. Scroll down to field 52 - DataVersion. 
    This should match the build that you just installed.  For example, if you installed the EXE named MB61024, this version should read 6.1024.  If those two do NOT match, proceed to the next step,
  5. Click the EDIT button mceclip2.png and make the change to field 52.  Click the UPDATE button mceclip5.png.

If the Data Version field is already correct -OR- making the change above does not resolve the message we need to make sure that the old (404) Multi-Bin Options file was properly removed.

Navigate to /MAS90/MAS_CompanyCode/IMCompanyCode.

If the Conversion and Old Data Purge was successful, there should be no IM404_DataFiles remaining in the IM directory.  We are looking specifically for an errant copy of IM404_MultiBinOptions in this directory,  If it exists, it will cause the system to trigger the conversion message.

If it exists in the current data directory, simply rename the file to "hide" it from view of the system and attempt to access Multi-Bin again from within Sage.  This should resolve the conversion message.