Problem : After MB upgrade to Version 2019, the Sage Menu has duplicate entries.  This also present in the Installed Module Listing with doubled up entries for Multi-Bin Enhancements - one listing the old version and one the current:


Version : Present in 2019.2 Builds 4 and below (61024, 61023)


The attached contains 4 files. This should only be completed if the actual data conversion has been completed.

  1. Have user exit Sage.  You can remain logged in on the workstation you are working on.
  2. Navigate to /MAS90/SY
  3. Create a backup of the existing files from the zip:
    • SY_140MBin_Install.pvc
    • SY_140MBin_RemoveFiles.pvc
    • SY_140Registration_bus.pvc
    • SY_140Registration_ui.pvc
  4. Copy the files from the zip to the SY directory.
  5. In Sage, go to Library Master > Setup > Scanco Product Registration.
  6. Click the Old Data Purge Button.  The utility will go through the routine of removing all old Multi-Bin 404 files, fields and references.  After this, it will recompile the menus and run a Prepare Data.  If the company has a very last data set, the Prepare Data may take several minutes to complete.
  7. Once finished, the menus should be reset and functional again.  Duplicate references should be removed from the Installed Modules Listing as well.