When working on 2019 upgrades, it may be necessary to remigrate data and system files from the older version.  When doing this, it is also necessary to reinstall the old "404" data dictionaries for the conversion to properly run through.

Reminder: The standard upgrade process for 2019 requires an "Old Data Purge".  Part of this process removes the old style data dictionaries (that reference 404 developer code fields and files.)  Therefore, any time you bring back pre-2019 data, you will have to use this process to put the old data dictionaries back to allow for proper conversion.

  1. Verify that the MAS90/Install directory is empty.  
    • Enhancement installation put temporary files in this directory while they process. 
    • A clean directory means that there are no remnants of previous installs or other enhancements to interfere.
  2. Copy the contents of MAS90/_Scanco/_Pre610Files to the MAS90/Install folder
  3. Navigate to MAS90/HOME
    • Run the pvxwin32 application
  4. At the prompt, type the following
    • o=new("sy_installation") <ENTER>
    • ?o'prepare() <ENTER>
  5. When complete, the system will return a reponse of "1", meaning the prepare was successful.
    • MAS90/Install will now be empty again
  6. If refreshing only a single company, enter Sage 100 and enter that Company Code.
  7. Navigate to Library Master > Setup > Scanco Product Registration. 
    • Click the Prepare Data Button.
    • Select ONE when prompted.  This will apply the new file layouts to the company you are in currently.
  8. When you are done.  You can click the Old Data Purge button.