New Allocation Override Popup in Sales Order Entry and Customer Maintenance

Transaction Allocation Override gives you the power to override the Directed Picking Rules for Sales Orders. The override can be applied to the customer to automatically override future orders for that customer.

• Easy/quick grid operand commands can supersede the allocation algorithms for orders on the fly and by Customers for regular overrides.

• Use operand selections to select range of locations, region/zones, Pallet IDs and other.

• Choose to Start with your selections and then continue on when there is no inventory or to just allocate from the overrides.

• Compliant with bin location pick restriction settings and will work with the new transaction based pick restriction. Overrides for locations, regions and pallet ID’s will allow inventory to be allocated from the location with the matching pick restriction.

• The override allows you to override location types so for example if want the order to be pulled from back stock or only from the primary locations.

• Future compatibility with other transactions and JobOps.



Sales Order Entry Interactive Allocation and Inventory Availability at-a-glance

• Know what is allocated on the order and what is allocable at-a-glance. Newer columns in sales order entry shows availability and what has been allocated.

• Click on the new Override link to change algorithms if desired. Grant rights to new link in role maintenance.

• Click the Allocate button to initiate auto allocations.

• Grant access to sales order clear allocations and allocate features in Sage security.




Grant access to sales order Clear Allocations/main panel and allocate features in Sage security. The Clear Allocations is an existing feature to clear allocations on the on the fly. Also you can grant access to the Order Auto Allocate button and Allocate Overrides link. Turn ON the new security from Options—Directed picking tab.


*Premium version is required for directed picking and directed putaway features



Multi-bin Inventory Dashboard

Utilize the strength of the selection operands to get at the data you need. Then control click and shift click to select the exact data you wish to transfer, put on hold, break pallets and much more. From the selection grid choose an entire Location or Region/Zone while evaluating net available. Or choose the usual selection fields like Items and Pallets and make unique fields like Lot Serial No, Lot Expire Dates, Quantity Allocated and Net Quantity Available. With On The Water activation select goods on Containers and by expected receive date range.




Replenishment and Putaway Dashboard

Now replenishment and directed putway is faster with the more built-in indexes and offers more options.