Preparing to Sideload from the PC -- Downloading the Application 
For the Scanco Warehouse 100 app APK to be sideloaded / installed on the MC92N0 Android scanning devices, you will need to visit our Portal site to download the APK to your PC @ All Scanco APKs can be downloaded from if any future Warehouse 100 versions are needed.
You will want to download the APK that is entitled "Android Scanco Warehouse 100" by clicking on the Barcode:

This should be downloaded to the desktop PC that will be used in correlation with the Motorola Dock for the MC-92 Scanner device that will receive this APK.

Docking the Scanner / Sideloading the Warehouse 100 App
You'll want to ensure that the dock is plugged in both to power for charging the scanner, as well as via USB and connected to the computer. Once you dock the scanning device into the slot on the dock, it should appear as a "Drive" on your PC.
Open the "MC92N0" drive and navigate to 'Internal Storage' and 'Downloads'.
Place a copy of the downloaded ScancoWarehouse100.apk file you downloaded previously to your PC to the 'Downloads' folder on the Scanner device that is docked via Windows Explorer. You can accomplish this by dragging and dropping the file from your PC to the 'Downloads' folder.
Once the transfer is complete, you will then undock the scanner, and we'll start to set it up.

Connecting Your MC92N0 To the Internet
Once you have your scanner in your hands, we'll want to connect it to the same wireless network that your MAS server is on, so we'll do that here. You'll want to enter the "Settings" menu on your scanner which should be located in your homescreen or on your Applications in the bottom center of your touchscreen (looks like a circle with dots).
At the top of this section should be "WiFi". make sure this is turned on, and then enter the Wifi menu. Locate the wireless network that your MAS is connected to and enter the proper credentials. If you do not have this information, contact your IT team to troubleshoot. 

Installing the Warehouse 100 App
On the MC92N0, you will need to navigate to your Applications in the bottom center of your touchscreen (looks like a circle with dots), and then scroll to "File Explorer". Open this app, and then navigate to the same file structure where you placed the ScancoWarehouse100.apk file and click on the APK file. The device will ask if you wish to install through a number of scrolling menus, select OK for all of these and allow the application to install.

Configuring the Scanner "DataWedge" to Work with the Scanco Warehouse 100 App
This is FULLY covered in our Android DataWedge tutorial for the Motorola TC55 -- please see the PDF in this article attached -- with the instructions on how to complete this. This portion can ONLY be completed after installing the Warehouse 100 App above, and is necessary for the scanner unit to trigger successfully in the Warehouse 100 app. Follow the instructions fully and you will be set.
Entering the Warehouse 100 App Settings
Once you configure the DataWedge, you're almost finished. All you need to do is put in your MAS server settings for the SERVER and PORT in the WAREHOUSE 100 SETTINGS once you open the Warehouse 100 app. You will want to ensure that you press "Enter" after each section is filled out, and once the "Port" is filled out, the application will restart and go through an authorization process which can take up to 1 minute to complete initially. Once this is complete, you are good to go.
Setting Up Your HomeScreen (Optional)
We do recommend "removing" other apps from the homescreen and only placing the Warehouse 100 app on the homescreen for less confusion from your Warehouse team, this can be accomplished by long-pressing the applications on the homescreen and moving them to the 'Remove' section at the top of the screen, and also by long pressing applications from the Applications Menu to add them to the homescreen such are Warehouse 100.