Scanco Multi-Bin provides for Starship integration out of the box.  Setup of this integration is dependent on how Starship is being used for shipping.

Standard Method

The Standard Version of Starship is identified as NON-BOI.  Users access the Starship button in Shipping or Invoice Data Entry.  When using this version of Starship, there is no change to Multi-Bin functionality.  Bin distributions occur in the transaction screens as they always have and the Starship integration is launched manually through the Starship button.

Starship BOI

The BOI Version of Starship results in a complete restructure of the shipping process.  Orders are pulled up directly within the Starship interface, requiring specific Multi-Bin Setups.  

  1. When using the Starship BOI, users MUST Pre-allocate in Multi-Bin - either manually at the Sales Order level or through picking sheet auto-allocations.
  2. In Scanco Multi-Bin Warehouse Management Options > Invoice Ship Tab check on the option for Starship BOI to Create the Shipments.

This option allows Starship to distribute lot/serial distribution within Starship and access allocation information to create a viable shipping entry.  Multi-Bin allocations must exist prior to Starship attempting to create the shipment in order to avoid out of balance distributions.