Scanco Multi-bin Expiration Date Control and Vendor Lot Traceability introduces tightly integrated features to Sage 100 ERP's lotted and serialized inventory to eliminate shrinkage and keep your goods current. This enhancement provides the automation to comply with special FDA and government requirements for businesses to track goods and efficiently manage recalls.

Directed picking improves the accuracy and speed of the picking process by allocations (pre-selecting) which lots to pick for orders from preset rules designating shelf life arrangements with customers. Further, the system will select the goods in a First Expired, First Out (FEFO) basis.

The system is designed to provide immediate information about materials for recalls and compliance requirements. Vendor Lot Traceability tracks lot and serial numbers issued to your goods. This provides immediate trace of lot serial numbers from raw materials and it provides the lot and serial numbers issued to the finished goods. Trace is retained for all and infinite number of subassemblies materials issued to finished goods. Inquiry screens and reporting provide immediate access to trace information including inventory on hand (both raw material and finished goods) and customer sales information.

Information can be entered as goods are received and produced and overridden later as needed. The system recognizes changes in vendor lot information and helps ensure accurate raw material lot information is tracked. Add features to retain full history and retrieval of user defined fields associated to lot and serial numbers.

What Issued: Inquiry and report lot and serial numbers issued to finished goods.


Traceability: Inquiry and report lot and serial numbers traced to subassemblies and finished goods. 


Enhance Sales Orders

Manually or automatically select the oldest lots by expiration date (FEFO) Define expiration rules by customer and ensure compliance to customer commitments Improve picking process system with auto-allocated/directed picking which calculates the right lots to ship Min/Max valid shelf life compliance by customer, items, ship to codes and sales orders.

Enhance Manufacturing

Manually or automatically assign expiration information to manufactured lots Automatic tracking of which lots were used to completions Automatically traces lots from raw materials, sub-assemblies, finished goods and sales to customers without the user input Track vendor raw materials in infinite assemblies and track to finished goods. Auto allocate raw materials based on FEFO basis and report allocated information for picking.

Designate Enhanced Lot and Serial Information

Enter vendor lot during receiving in receipt of goods or anytime after receipt of goods. System retains audit trail of who changes Vendor Lot and Expiration Date information. Scan and enter with RF Handhelds with solutions Expire dates can be defaulted based on settings for Item Codes, Product Lines, Bills and Work Orders.

Lot Serial Information Retention

Tracks enhanced lot information in history. System does not remove. Retains detailed information on the history. Include purchase vendor information, use in production and customer sale information.

Inquiry and Reporting

Vendor Lot Traceability Report traces from source raw material vendor lot number and MAS lot number,raw material used in production, completions and sale information. Traceability traces from the finished good down to all raw material lots issued. Provides traceability report card for a vendor lot number in seconds. What Issued Report provides raw material and sub assemblies for the finished good.