If a bin location hasn't been used:


Use the DELETE button from the Bin Location Maintenance Screen.  With no transaction history to worry about, deleting here is easiest.


If a bin locations has been used:

If it has been used and is just no longer in user (change in numbering, etc) use the following process to get it out of the system.

  1. If the bin is not already empty, empty the bin by transferring everything out of it.
  2. In Bin Location Maintenance, pull up the Bin. 
  3. (Optional) Change the Description to **DO NOT USE**. It will get someone's attention if they see it in the lookups.
  4. Use the highlighted Pick Restrictions to Disallow Selection in Sales Order and Manufacturing.
  5. Use the options on the right side to also disallow Putaway to the location.
  6. Finally, set the checkbox to Remove Empty at Period End.  So long as this bin location is empty the next time you run Period End Processing for Inventory Management, the bin will be removed.