Utilize the strength of the selection operands to get at the data you need. Then control-click and shift-click to select the exact data you wish to transfer, put on hold, break pallets and much more. From the selection, grid chooses an entire Location or Region/Zone while evaluating net available. Or choose the usual selection fields like Items and Pallets and make unique fields like Lot Serial No, Lot Expire Dates, Quantity Allocated and Net Quantity Available. With On The Water activation select goods on Containers and by expected receive date range.

Multi-Warehouse selections: Defaults a single warehouse code. Change warehouse codes to

Select button: After selecting fields and options, click the Select button to display

Quick Print: Prints an Inventory Quantity On Hand Valuation Report for the inventory in the dashboard.

Multiple Selections: Click multiple selections with Control-click and Shift-click. Click the select the green All button to select all inventory; red to clear selections.

Intelligent Refresh saves your view and time.

On Hold and Pick Restricted inventory: Select Yes to include inventory and pallet IDs on hold or locations in locations with a pick restriction. No to not include. Only to only display them.

Transfers: All selected inventory is passed to the group item/pallet transfer grid. All inventory can be quickly transferred to a location and/or pallet. If one item was selected the quick transfer app is launched. User login role Maintenance rights are required.

Zero: Displays inventory that has been fully relieved from a location. Options will remove this inventory during period-end processing. 

Drill Down/Allocate to Orders: The allocations for all selected inventory. Can quickly delete allocations and allocate inventory to open sales orders.

Go/Release: The release button will immediately release all selected inventory withholds. User login role Maintenance rights are required.

Hold: The hold button will immediately put a hold on all selected inventory. User
end processing.                                                              

Sum: Summarized view of the contents of each Pallet ID. Uncheck to display each item Pallet ID.

Uncheck to display each item in the ID in the grid.

Break Breaks all selected Pallet IDs.



(*E) Feature for Add-on for Expiration Date and Vendor Lot Traceability

(*P) Feature for Add-on for License Plating - Case Packs, Pallets, and Containers

(*W) Feature for Add-on for Wave Batch Picking