User reports that when invoicing orders through Sales Order > Invoice Data Entry Sage's "Ship Complete" prompt is no long coming up.



Multi-Bin provides a new version of the Ship Complete prompt because in order to ship complete, we have to have bin distributions.  To achieve this, users must select the following option in.


Inventory Management > Setup > Scanco Multi-Bin Warehouse Management Options


Tab : Invoice Ship

Option: Auto Assign Bin Options : Prompt Auto Apply Options

Selecting this option will create a pop-up window when invoicing an order.  The bin distribution buttons on this prompt will be dictated by the check boxes selected on the right side of the screen.  The most popular selections are Primary Pick Location and Warehouse Staging Location.

When accessing the Line Tab of Invoice Data Entry:

Selecting one of the auto-apply buttons will ship the lines with adequate quantity on hand but will not take bins negative (unless specifically allowed to do so).  

Selecting No here, will not ship lines complete, because there is no bin distribution being completed.