This affects users who do not use Scanco Warehouse.  User does a pick and pack process, but within Sage 100, exclusively.


Multi-Bin allocates inventory from Bin Locations and warehouse user picks the order.

Users at the shipping workstation open Shipping Data Entry and use keyboard scanner to individually scan items in the box as second check for picked vs. ordered.



The problem arises at the shipping workstation.  Multi-Bin automatically passes shipped quantities and bin allocations to Shipping Data Entry.  In order to scan items, shipped quantities must be cleared, which also clears the allocations.  Shipping users are then prompted for bin location distribution, which is information they do not have.


Works for: Multi-Bin, Versions 2017, 2018


From the attached ZIP file, copy the program files to the mas90/SO and mas90/SY directories.

The new programs will automatically clear shipped quantities when an order is pulled into shipping data entry - but allocations will be retained.  Shipping users will not be prompted to select bin locations as scans increment the quantity shipped.

If this change is provided to the user, please be sure to note in Sugar that it needs to be provided for upgrades/reinstalls.