Description of Utility:

When utilizing Multi-Bin's auto allocation rules, users can have questions about why certain bins were selected over others or in what order rules are being assessed.  This tool is definitely not for all users, as it provides a very high level view of what the allocation engine is assessing, but it can be a great tool for techs and "super-users" who are more on the technical side.


Found in: Multi-Bin, Version 2016 - 2019 Build Dates after September 2019


To access this utility:

  1. This utility requires that the logged in user be Scanco, with a User Code of SCA:
  2. This utility requires a specific setting in IM404_MultiBinOptions for the DisplayCasePacks option.  This is an unused option in the system that has been reclassed for the purposes of the allocation trace.
    • Go To Library Master > Utilities > Data File Display and Maintenance
    • Select MAS_CompanyCode > IMCompanyCode > IM404_MultiBinOptions
    • Select EDIT and change the Value of Field 194 to Y

Once those two requirements are met, clicking the Allocate Button in Sales Order Entry or Wave Pick Batch Select, the system will provide a text file in MAS90/_ScancoLogs/CompanyCode/Function (such as SOWaveSelect)/OrderNumber.txt


This is a very simple example of an order.


In the example below, you can see an additional line that indicates a case pack jump for Case Pack Quantities of 4.



This is a tool to help techs and users understand what's happening behind the scenes and observe the workings of the allocation engine when questions arise.