Your General Ledger inventory numbers will always be based off of what MAS90/Sage100 says the inventory is.  So when there’s a discrepancy between Sage 100 quantity on hand and Multi-Bin quantity on hand, we reconcile the bin number to the Sage number.
Luckily, we make this really easy by providing a utility to help you through.  I would recommend that you complete this at the end of the day, when there are fewer people on the system, but that’s not absolutely necessary.
  1. Go to Inventory Management > Utilities and select the Multi-Bin Inventory Reconciliation Utility.
  2. On the screen, select the warehouse you would like to compare stock number for, then click the Calculate button.
  3. The screen will populate with a listing of all inventory items where the Sage 100 QoH doesn’t match the Bin QoH and show you the variance between them.
  4. Obviously, it would be a good idea to review the quantities of any items that appear there, but for the time being, locate the item that you were originally concerned about and double click it.
  5. There will be a number of fields at the bottom of the screen which will become active at this point:
    • Bin Location – Select the bin location were you would like to apply the ENTIRE amount of the variance.  Once the variance is applied, you can use transfer transactions to move the total quantities between bins to get each bin’s quantity where you want it, but for now, the entire variance must be applied to a single bin.
    • Apply button – This button can be hit after selecting the bin location above.  It will apply the variance of that one item, to the selected bin location
    • Apply All button – This button can be hit after selecting the bin location above.  It will apply ALL variances for ALL items on the screen to the selected bin location.  This can be handy if you have a large number of variances, and you will then use transfers to distribute those variances appropriately.