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Multi-Bin Utility: Purge Detail History


User reports historical files for Multi-Bin transaction history are too large.

Multi-Bin automatically retains historical data for all bin location transactions, including both allocation activities and actual inventory transactions.  Over time, the data in this history files can grow quite large and users may wish to purge some older historical data.

Found in: Multi-Bin, Versions 2017, 2018


When ready, users can navigate to Inventory Management > Utilities to find the Multi-Bin Purge Detail History Utility.  
*Note: This process is irreversible and should be conducted with your system administrator

Multi-Bin Detail History Date on or before year: Select the year for which you would like to purge historical data.  The system will evaluate transactions and those occurring in or before the year specified will be selected and deleted.

Inventory Detail History: Inventory Detail History will purge all transaction history which resulted in an increase or decrease in inventory in a bin location.  This includes Transfers, Receipts, Invoices, Shipping, Physicals, etc. that meet the date criteria.

Sales Order allocation History: Sales Order allocation history will purge all allocation tracking activity that occurred for items in this bin.  This includes sales order pre-allocations, unallocating activities, and allocation transfers.


Security for Hold Release and Field Changes: Security for Hold Release and Field changes will purge all records relating to the hold and release of inventory by users who are authorized for those activies as well as administrator overrides on the fields that allow for those security events.