Description of Utility:

The Multi-Bin Recalculate Quantity Allocated Utility is provided to assist users when Multi-Bins displayed allocated quantities are incorrect or do not agree with actual documents holding allocations.

The utility provides several options for advanced recalculations and rebuilds.


To access this utility, go to Inventory Management >> Utilities
Note: All users should be out of transaction screens when running these utilities.

  1. Recalculate Quantity Allocated: With no additional options selected, this utility will go to all documents which can hold an allocation and calculate/rewrite the quantity allocated on all screens displaying that number. Documents holding allocation include:
    1. Inventory Transactions
    2. Sales Orders
    3. Sales Order Invoices
    4. Sales Order Shipping Data Entries
    5. Purchase Order Return of Goods
    6. RMA Receipts
    7. Manufacturing activities for Components/Raw Materials
    8. Manufacturing activities for Finished Goods
  2. Check Shipping Proforma: This option is specifically designed for users of the Wave Batch Shipping add-on for Multi-Bin. This check box will review the order lock-outs that occur when an order is pulled into a wave batch and ensure that only orders which are actively in a batch remain locked.  Locks which remain after a batch is improperly cleared or deleted will be cleaned up with this utility. 

  3. Check License Plate IDs: This option is specifically designed for users of the License Plate add-on for Multi-Bin. This check box will update Pallet ID information throughout the Sage system including Object level information, and Total Weight/Volume of the pallet.  For users who override this information, your override information will be maintained on honored on the screen, while the actual data is recomputed and rewritten behind the scenes.

  4. Check Alternate QoH: This option is for users utilizing capacity settings for put-away and replenishment in the Multi-Bin system. When run, capacity for each location is recomputed and the availability capacity is updated for put-away and replenishment advisements.

  5. Rebuild Sort Files: This option includes the above options for recalculating quantities allocated, checking alternate QoH, and rebuilds all sort files for primary locations and regions. This includes recalculating and setting:
    1. Total capacity by bin location
    2. Total capacity for item/bin location combinations
    3. Total capacity being used for palletized inventory in a bin location.