Click Here: Multi-Bin Sage 2018: Installation and Training Guide


 Table of Contents


Installation and Upgrade Guide 

PART II Training Guide

Chapter 1: Multi-Bin Overview

Chapter 2: Sage Role Maintenance

Chapter 3: Enable Multi-Bin

Chapter 4: Company Wide Options

Chapter 5: Warehouse Code Maintenance

Chapter 6: Product Line Maintenance

Chapter 7: Inventory Setup for Multi-Bin

Chapter 8: Multi-Bin Location Maintenance

Chapter 9: Region Maintenance

Chapter 10: Multi-Bin Features in Item Inquiry and Inventory Dashboard

Chapter 11: Replenishment Dashboard

Chapter 12: Directed Putaway Dashboard

Chapter 13: Multi-Bin for Transaction Entry

Chapter 14: Multi-Bin for Physical Count

Chapter 15: Multi-Bin for Purchase Order Module

Chapter 16: Multi-Bin for Bill of Material Module

Chapter 17: Multi-Bin for Work Order Module

Chapter 18: Multi-Bin for Sales Order Module

Chapter 19: Stage Sales Orders

Chapter 20: Multi-Bin for Invoicing and Shipping

Chapter 21: Expiration Date and Vendor Lot Traceability

Chapter 22: License Plate and Pallet ID Tracking

Chapter 23: Wave Batch Picking

Chapter 24: On the Water

Chapter 25: Multi-Bin Reports

Chapter 26: Commonly Used Multi-Bin Visual Integrator Imports

Chapter 27: Multi-Bin Utilities

Chapter 28: Business Object Interfacing