Any Visual Integrator Import Job for a data table that includes MB fields or distributions.

Common ones include:

  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Inventory Adjustments and Transfers
Applies to:


Solution/Troubleshooting Steps: 
  1. Get Multi-bin Version and Sage 100 Version (IML)
  2. Get screenshots of the Data Tab of the import job, or have them export the job and send it  (VI -> Main -> Job Export). If they send the job, import into a Sage 100 install to review the job.
  3. Get Import Job Log (VI -> Import Job Maintenance -> Main tab, Job Log on bottom right corner). They can either send screenshots, or click the printer icon and output it to a PDF and send that.
  4. Review import job for required fields and order of MB fields compared to documentation
  5. Get copy of their import source file and check the fields against the import job (if column 1 in the import job says it should be the Warehouse code, make sure column 1 in the file is in fact a warehouse code)
  6. If the import involves items, ask what the valuation type is (i.e. Standard, Average, FIFO, LIFO, Lot, Serial)
  7. Test on your own system to check for bugs in VI/MB. Create your own import job with their data elements, but test against your own data.


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