Problem: When using Wave Batch Order Selection, user reports that order expected to be in the batch at not.

Version: All


Scanco Multi-Bin provide an "Exceptions Log" to help trouble shoot why orders were not brought into a specific Wave Batch.  We suggest the following as first steps:

  1. Have all users exit Wave Batch Selection
  2.  Go to IM > Utilities > Multi-Bin Recalculate Quantity Allocated (This can be run while users are in the system) - Check the box for shipping proforma.
    This will ensure that there are no "phantom holds" for an order in a Wave Batch that no longer exists.
  3. Go back to Wave Batch Order Selection and set your selection criteria.  Be sure to select the option for "Audit Selections"
    Click the Select Button.
  4. Check the results.  If the orders that you are expecting are still not there, click the LOG button on the right side of the screen. 
  5. This will print the log report, which will detail all orders which were evaluated and why they were not selected into the batch: