User reports historical files for Wave Batch Exceptions are numerous and large. 

The Wave Exceptions History file tracks the orders not selected for inclusion in a particular Wave Batch Selection with the reason why it was excluded.  This information is a valuable tool at the time of Batch selection, but has diminishing returns from a historical perspective as most batches are processed immediately.

When Sage 100 data files hit a certain size (2G), Sage creates tag-a-long files, resulting in use of server space for files that are not all that useful outside of immediate analysis of wave batches.

Found in: Multi-Bin, all versions 


When these history files become unwieldy due to number and size, users can safely reinitialize this file to start clean.  This process utilizes Sage’s Reinitialize Data Files Utility, which deletes all data within a file.  This process should be completed with the help of your reseller or system administrator.

  1. Go to Library Master > Utilities > Reinitialize Data Files.
  2. Please read and acknowledge the warning provided by Sage:
  3. Select Company Code
  4. Select Module Sales Order
  5. Scroll down and select the checkbox next to the SO404_WaveExceptionsHistory file.
  6. Ensure no other files have been selected for clearing.
  7. Click Proceed.
  8. Please read and acknowledge the warning provided by Sage:
  9. Select yes to complete the file cl
  10. Close the Reinitialize Data Files window.