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"You are not authorized to access this program" when accessing the INFO button in Multi-Bin Location Maintenance/Inquiry

Users receive erroneous authorization message when attempting to access the Inventory INFO button from Bin Location Maintenance/Inquiry, even when they have the proper security rights.

This issue is the result of a task missing from a core Sage system file.  Scanco Support has been provided with a patch program which will add the necessary record to the appropriate file.

Scanco Multi-Bin Task Loader

Steps to Install :

  1. Download the file from the link above.
  2. Extract the IM_MultiBinTaskLoader.M4P file from the downloaded zip file and copy to /MAS90/IM.
  3. From your Sage system, go to File > Run and type SYZCON in the program name field.
  4. At the prompt type Run "IM_MultiBinTaskLoader.M4P and hit Enter.
  5. The utility will run and return the following message
  6. Hit Enter to close the Console Screen.
  7. Erroneous Authorization message will be cleared for users with proper permissions.  Please note that if the user's Sage Security Role does not have the appropriate permissions, this message could still appear.