In RED -- select the On The Water check box on the header of the Purchase Order and enter the estimated ship date of the first container.


Perform a receipt of goods entry and distribute each line to three containers. So that the column PalletID reflects the container IDs select the Dflt ID Type to CONT. The OTW Receipt Date column will set the anticipated receipt date for each container line and container ID.








You can search inventory in the dashboard based on the anticipated receipt date. In this example I selected 4/30/18 to 6/30/18. 


Display/distribute containers and the receipt date in inventory and sales order.


We can drill down into the container to review its contents.


Improve Receipt of goods entry because we can select the container on 4/30/18 and auto receive in the goods on that container. Landed costs can be added here also.





Relieve the inventory on the water and increase Inventory in the warehouse.




Now we can see inventory in Receiving in the warehouse – item maintenance and the inventory dashboard. Screenshot_2019-02-20_20.12.46.png